All teacher education candidates take part in early clinical experiences interacting with teachers and students in various schools in the area. The Office of School and Community Partnerships coordinates clinical placement arrangements for candidates located within 50 miles of campus. Placements are arranged through an online system called Sonia.

Clinical Placement Sign-Up Timelines

Signing up for Clinicals & Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Students will sign-in to the clinical portal Sonia using the provided link.
  • If students get the message that “No more slots are available” that means that someone signed-up for the last available slot at the school. Students should not contact the school or try to arrange clinicals at schools where we do not have existing slots.

Clincal Resources:

Supplemental Clinical Opportunities

Please see the flyers below for supplemental Clinical opportunities. With instructor permission, students may be able to use these volunteer opportunities to fulfill clinical requirements. Students, contact your course instructor for permission if you wish to use these volunteer opportunities for clinical experiences.