The Office of School & Community Partnerships (OSCP) works in conjunction with multiple internal departments in the Cato College of Education and local school partners. These collaborations have resulted in the Teacher to Teacher Conference, the Dr. Jonnie H. McLeod Institute on Addiction, and the Multicultural Play Therapy Center Conference to name a few. College and school stakeholders are encouraged to reach out to the Office of School & Community Partnerships to request assistance with trainings, workshops, conferences, etc. that support the office’s mission.

OSCP reserves the right to review and accept/decline an event request at the organization’s discretion. Fees and charges will based on current rates provided by internal and external service providers. A letter of agreement, with applicable costs, will be generated based on information provided and after a consultation with the point of contact that is identified. OSCP will adhere to all COVID-19 protocols established and enforced by the university administration.

Please contact Dr. Lucy Arnold, Director of Educational Partnerships, at or (704) 687-8801 if you have any questions. Individuals and groups are also encouraged to complete the event request form.