All students complete edTPA during the student teaching semester, which is a requirement for both program completion and licensure in North Carolina.

  • The cost of scoring edTPA is $300. Beginning with the fall 2022 term, a $300 edTPA fee will be assessed for all student teaching courses. The Cato College of Education will use fee funds to purchase edTPA vouchers for all student teachers that can be submitted with their final product to cover the cost of scoring. This process will allow students to pay for edTPA using financial aid rather than paying directly out of pocket and is designed to ease some of the immediate financial responsibilities associated with licensure exams.

edTPA is a student teacher performance assessment developed by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE). edTPA evaluates candidate readiness in three areas: planning, implementation, and assessment. Candidates learn these knowledge and skills as they progress through program coursework. edTPA serves as the student teaching capstone project and is content-specific.

For more information please visit the Office of Assessment edTPA site at https://edassessment.charlotte.edu/edtpa-information.